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Parksville’s Resort Row owners grapple with B.C.’s short-term rental ban, fearing financial and quality of life repercussions.


B.C.’s Short-Term Rental Ban: A Storm Brewing in Parksville’s Resort Row

As owners of a resort condominium unit in Parksville’s beloved Resort Row, we find ourselves in the eye of a storm. The B.C. government’s recent short-term rental ban, targeting properties in the hotel zone, has left us reeling with concerns over financial implications and the future of our quality of life.

Affordable Housing vs. Resort Living: A Battle of Priorities


Our picturesque resort area, nestled near the ocean and Rathtrevor Park, is a haven for tourists seeking a serene escape. The notion of transforming this sanctuary into affordable housing is not only unsuitable but also unfair. The price we paid for our property was predicated on tourist commercial zoning. It’s the government’s responsibility to subsidize affordable housing, not ours.

A Blow to Parksville’s Tourism and Our Wallets

The ban on short-term rentals spells disaster for Parksville’s tourism-centric economy. As a small town that thrives on visitors, the loss of income from vacation properties will be significant. Moreover, the exemption of the hotel zone in Parksville is crucial to maintaining the unique hotel accommodations that set us apart.

We, the owners of resort condominium units, have followed all rules, paid our taxes, and contributed to the local economy. Now, we face the prospect of financial ruin and a diminished quality of life. We are working tirelessly to secure an exemption for the hotel zone in Parksville, hoping that our voices will be heard before it’s too late.

Note: This article is written from the perspective of the owners of a resort condominium unit in Parksville’s Resort Row, expressing their concerns about the B.C. government’s short-term rental ban. The article does not reflect the views or opinions of any news organization or publication.

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