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SPOKANE, Wash. — Beginning in 2024, short-term rentals hosts in the City of Spokane operating without a permit will receive a letter in the mail to apply for one. 

If a host receives a letter in the mail, there will be instructions on how to apply and provide a 30-day grace period.

Spokane City Council has just passed amendments for short-term rental regulations on July 10, 2023. The ordinance aligns with strategies outlined in the Housing Action Plan and the City Council Implementation Plan.

The new updates include: 

  • Allowing short term rentals in all zones that allow residential uses.
  • Limiting the number of short-term rental units in a structure.
  • Requiring a property owner to maintain basic safety features in the rental unit by submitting an Annual Life Safety Compliance form.

These new regulations were put into effect on Sept. 1

If you own a short-term rental you must submit an application for each unit and it must be submitted through the city’s application system.  

Once your rental has been approved, the owner will receive a permit to be posted on site at the rental.

The application fee for a short-term rental in a residential zone is $200 and $100 to renew annually. The application fee for a short-term rental in other zones is $300, and $150 to renew annually. 

Visit the short-term rental page for a list of required documents.

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