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Eight more homeowners seeking permission to rent their properties for fewer than 30 consecutive days have become licensed short-term rentals.

The town council ratified the applications as part of its consent agenda Tuesday after they were approved administratively. They are 28 Newport St., 83 Bay View Drive, 6 Knowles Court, 49 Hamilton Ave., 24 Pierce Ave., 30 Seaview Ave., 33 Clinton Ave. and 59 Intrepid Lane. This was the third batch of applications to be considered.

There have now been 46 licenses granted from 48 applications. The requests for 128 Garboard St. and 87 Bow St. were tabled because objections were made by neighbors. According to the ordinance, which was enacted in August, “a public hearing shall be available to any person requesting to make comment or contest a short-term rental.” Absent an objection, however, the councilors “may approve an application on their consent agenda, without public hearing or deliberation.”

The two contested properties will be considered Jan. 16 via public hearing.


The application process to be legally licensed begins with registration through the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation. There currently are 160 properties in Jamestown registered with the state, and 105 of those have submitted local applications. The property owner must then register for an OpenGov account, pay the fees and schedule inspections with the building official and fire marshal. If those inspections pass, the application would be reviewed administratively and, if approved, forwarded to the council.

Aside from the eight properties ratified Tuesday, the other 38 properties licensed to operate as short-term rentals are 14 Fairview St., 15 Buloid Ave., 61 Narragansett Ave., 164 Capstan St., 125 Circuit Ave., 73 Conanicus Ave., 73 Standish Ave., 83 Mast St., 16 Southwest Ave., 173 East Shore Road, 14 Buoy St., 83 Clarke St., 52 Lawn Ave., 47 Clinton Ave., 100 Clinton Ave., 7 Grey Gull Lane, 2 Stern St., 29 Arnold Ave., 76 Howland Ave., 15 Melrose Ave., 170 Narragansett Ave, 120 Racquet Road, 2 Harbor St., 195 Seaside Drive, 143 Frigate St., 15 Starboard St., 14 Mizzen Ave., 12 Friendship St., 77 East Shore Road, 26 Starboard St., 49 Narragansett Ave., 14 Harbor St., 230 Conanicus Ave., 16 Emerson Road, 135 Longfellow Road, 23 Conanicus Ave., 318 Seaside Drive and 14 Pemberton Ave.

The council, as the licensing authority, has discretion in considering these applications. The ordinance says the authority “reserves the right to set limits on the total number of short-term rentals permitted.” That could be a town-wide limit or based on the block, neighborhood or area. The councilors also can set limits “at their discretion upon showing of need based on finding disruption to the quiet enjoyment of a residential area, negative impact on the seasonal or affordable housing rental markets, or impairment to the integrity of the residential character of particular areas.”

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