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HINSDALE, IL– Hinsdale resident Michelle Crowe had an Airbnb next door to her house – an experience that she described as frightening at times.

“It was just a nuisance,” Crowe told the Hinsdale Village Board on Tuesday. “The garbage piled up in the alley as it overflowed… They were cycling through, sometimes two groups in a weekend. It became really unsettling and at times quite frightening.”

One big party was on Super Bowl Sunday last year, she said.

“We all know the statistics on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s not a good night for a lot of people,” Crowe said. “I happened to be home alone with this big party of people who are untraceable. We have two dozen children in the 200 block of South Bodin.”

Crowe urged fines that were so onerous that no one would just roll them into the costs of doing business.

“We didn’t buy a home next to a hotel, certainly not one without a security staff,” she said.

The new owner of the next-door house, Crowe said, rents the house for six months at a time, so the situation has improved.

Another Hinsdale resident, Ashley Hill, asked the village to make exceptions when people need short-term rentals between home closings and during renovations and emergency repairs.

“Your draft is a good starting point, but we are looking for some flexibility from the village,” Hill said.

The Village Board voted unanimously to send the issue to the village’s Plan Commission. Trustee Luke Stifflear was absent.

Trustees suggested the commission consider requiring an application to the village for short-term rentals, verifying exceptions and lengths of leases.

Village President Tom Cauley indicated he was open to such an idea.

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