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Lawmakers are considering a measure that would allow the counties to begin phasing out non-conforming use permits for single-family transient vacation rental units.

It’s another measure this legislative session attempting to decrease the short-term rental market.

These non-conforming use permits for transient vacation rental units were given to properties decades ago and allow certain properties to operate as short-term rentals, even in residential areas.

Counties did this because they are not allowed to phase out the zoning of non-conforming residential uses of single-family homes.

House Speaker Scott Saiki said this measure would give the counties more tools to address short-term rentals.

“There’s different ways of approaching the short-term rental issue. One of the ways was through delegation to the counties, or empowering the counties to exert more control over them,” he said.

“Another alternative is to impose higher taxes on short-term rentals. But no matter what we do, we expect that the short-term rental owners will file lawsuits to challenge any new laws.”

HB1838 is part of the House bipartisan Maui fire legislative package.

The measure was heard in the House Housing Committee on Wednesday and passed with amendments.

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