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Missoula has several rules surrounding short-term rentals registered with the city, but officials say they lack the same regulatory authority with long-term rentals.

NBC Montana reported last week on the different requirements for short-term rentals not occupied by owners, known as tourist homes. This prompted Missoula resident Keith Koprivica to inquire about the city’s regulations for other rentals.

“If the city has the same type of requirements for long-term rentals, if not why?” Koprivica asked.

For short-term rentals, registration requirements include an application as well as a building and fire inspection. The city says these two steps typically take about six to eight weeks. Missoula also requires these rentals to receive a health license.

However, city officials told NBC Montana they don’t have the same power in determining regulations for Missoula’s long-term rentals.

“The city of Missoula does not have the authority to regulate long-term rentals,” permits and business license manager Maggie McCarthy said. “That is in the purview of the state.”

Statewide landlord regulation comes from the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act of 1977.

The act says the landlord must comply with building and housing that are “materially affecting health and safety” in units built after 1977.

Landlords are also required to provide and ensure a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector are working at the start of each rental agreement.

You can read the full code here.

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