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Clark County reports issuing 13 citations in the last week to homeowners operating illegal short-term rental properties in unincorporated Clark County before the Super Bowl.

With hundreds of thousands of people in town for the football championship game, short-term rentals remain in high demand but are still not allowed in unincorporated Clark County, despite the county passing an ordinance in June 2022 to comply with an assembly bill that required the county to adopt an ordinance to regulate the industry.

“So, it’s absolutely ridiculous that it’s taking this long,” Jaqueline Flores, Founder of the Greater Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Association said. “Property owners have been left out, you know, there’s enough money here to be made for everyone, not just the resort, hotel industry.”

Flores is a founder of the non-profit that fights for property owners’ rights. She said events like the Big Game in Las Vegas create a lot of demand for lodging not in hotels. However, with the stipulations in place, it makes it difficult for some who want to cash in on the opportunity.

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“Some homeowners are still trying to comply with the law and not rent their houses but some other ones have bills to pay, and they have no other choice, but to try to continue renting their houses,” Flores said.

While unincorporated Clark County remains illegal to rent homes for less than 31 days until licenses are issued, City of Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas have ordinances in place. However, there are regulations which limits the number of licenses or permits issued. City of Las Vegas reports 255 licensed short-term rentals and Henderson estimates around 360 registrations for short-term rentals. North Las Vegas did not respond by the publishing of the article but the website states that there must be a 660-foot separation requirement from other existing or proposed short-term rentals and a 2,500-foot separation requirement from resort hotels.

The City of Henderson reports issuing one citation since February 1 for an illegal short-term rental. The city’s Code Enforcement Division continues to monitor online advertising and coordinates with the appropriate hosting platform to ensure all short-term rentals are properly registered, according to a spokesperson.

Clark County continues the process to review more than 800 applications seeking a license for completeness and eligibility to ensure applications are evaluated. Applications that are incomplete or ineligible will be given denials according to a county spokesperson. Once this step is complete, eligible applicants can move forward to safety inspections. The order is based on the Random Number Generator selection process.

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