LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — A new ordinance in Louisa County will be going into effect on Jan. 1, and officials want to remind anyone with a short-term rental about it.

According to a release, this ordinance is intended to provide the broadest coverage in protecting property owners, increase occupant safety and guard community interests.

Owners of short-term rentals are reminded to check how their properties are zoned so they can take any appropriate actions.

Properties that are zoned A1 or A2 allow short-term rentals by-right, which means owners don’t need to take any action to comply with local zoning codes.

For properties that are zoned R1, R2, or RD within growth areas, such rentals are allowed by-right with some restrictions.

The release says the simplest such requirement is providing contact information to the county through the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office.

This uses a form many short-term rental owners have already submitted, except the revised version now has a field for an emergency contact.

A property manager can complete this form on behalf of a client if a Power of Attorney is submitted with it.

For example, most waterfront properties and neighborhoods on Lake Anna are within a growth area, so restrictions do apply.

For R1 or R2 properties outside of a growth area and for commercial or industrial-zoned properties, owners need to get a Conditional Use Permit for a short-term rental.

The owner or owner’s agent should contact the Louisa County Community Development Department in this case.

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