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SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — A Valley couple claims their peaceful neighborhood has been rocked by loud parties and constant chaos due to a short-term rental and they want politicians to act.

Blake and Dee Dee Bottle love hanging out and relaxing in their backyard, off 67th Street and Dynamite Boulevard near north Scottsdale. But the couple claims that’s just not possible on most weekends because of all the crazy out-of-control parties at the short-term rental house next door. “There’s music during the day and loud, there’s screaming,” said DeeDee Bottle. “They are hitting golf blls into our yard, teeing them up, not chipping, teeing them up. I am afraid for my grandkids.”

The Bottles are among a growing number of unhappy homeowners who feel they have nowhere to turn when it comes to a short-term rental property causing chaos in their community. A few weeks ago, the Bottles say they called to complain about a wild party at their neighbor’s house that had people parading across their property and dozens of cars parked out front. It didn’t help. “When I called the property manager, we’re told you are lying, that didn’t happen, we have a security guard,” said Blake Bottle. “Here is the security guard’s number, call him yourself. My response is, that’s not my job, that’s your job.”

George Chebet, with the Enara Law Group, represents the property management company that operates the rental next to the Bottles.

He sent Arizona’s Family this statement:

The Bottles happen to live on a county island, which means the short-term rental next door is not subject to the same regulations as cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Kate Bauer, with the Arizona Neighborhood Alliance, is helping lead the fight to get state lawmakers to pass new laws that would give control of short-term rentals back to cities and towns. She said until that happens, homeowners like the Bottles will continue to suffer. “This is a situation that affects every area differently,” said Bauer. “Some places are saturated with them, some don’t have them at all, so it has to go back to cities and towns so they can control it, as it needs to be controlled.”

“We shouldn’t have to live like this and people that say everybody should have an Airbnb, it’s their right, well, you are not living next door to one,” said DeeDee Bottle.

A number of bills have been proposed at the Arizona Legislature to address short-term rental issues, but there are no guarantees any of them will pass, said Bauer.

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