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So you own a property and rent it on Airbnb, VRBO or another platform.

You submitted an application for a city license in 2023 and received it.

So you’re good to go as long as you rent, right?

Not quite.

According to Brent Stockwell, the assistant city manager who is point man on STRs, the key word in the license is “annual.”

“The licenses are from one year, so they must renew annually, one year after their original application,” Stockwell said.

The annual license fee costs $250 per property.

To renew, owners should sign on to their online accounts and select the “renew license link” and make the payment.

Licenses not submitted for renewal by the expiration date will be closed and a new application required.

At the end of December, Stockwell provided an update to City Council, noting ‌71 STR applications were received in December, with 60 new licenses issued. 

Of the 340 licenses expired on or before Dec. 31, 226 (66%) renewed the license prior to the end of the calendar year. 

“The total number of renewals is 720 as many operators renewed their license ahead of the license expiration,” Stockwell said.

In 2023, the city received 4,315 short-term rental applications, with 3,558 licenses approved through December. 

“The remainder are pending, incomplete, withdrawn or canceled,” Stockwell added.

The city’s website for STR owners – or for neighbors wanting more information, including on how to lodge a complaint against a rowdy rental – is

In his “State of the City” address Jan. 26, Mayor David Ortega again railed against STRs, as he often does. 

“We have experienced five years of negative consequences due to short-term rentals,” Ortega said.

He hinted state legislatures are working on bills to give cities more power to regulate STRs.

“Measures include restoring local authority to establish a cap on the total number of short-term rentals in each community.”

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