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St. Joseph City Commissioners have taken the final step to allow short-term rental units downtown.

At a Monday meeting, they held a second reading on a zoning ordinance amendment to permit STRs in as many as 55 units in the Downtown Development District.

At their last meeting, the debate was over parking requirements for these vacation rentals. Assistant City Manager Emily Hackworth tells us commissioners Monday opted to not to place special parking requirements on them.

“What this means is that we can have short-term rentals downtown that will follow the parking requirements of other downtown dwelling units as opposes to the parking requirements of other short-term rentals in other areas of the city,” Hackworth said.

The rules for other units only require that parking be provided if a new building is erected or expanded, or if a building has more than six units.

Hackworth says she’s heard plenty from downtown business owners about allowing STRs there.

“Business owners certainly are excited, looking forward to the opportunity to have more business coming into the downtown. So, I think they’re really looking forward to the growth this might create.”

Commissioners only heard one comment opposed to the downtown STRs and one comment in favor on Monday.

The new rules take effect in ten days.

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